Ev believes everyone can dance.  She specializes in adults who have always
wanted to dance.  Her classes are fun, safe, gentle, and productive.  One
reluctant lead told her, "
You're making this too much fun, I can't come up
with a good excuse not to come back.
"  Her students thrive and have fun in
her classes.

Ev is a dedicated and inspired Argentine Tango dancer and teacher who has
been lucky to travel and study Tango in Buenos Aires, Paris, Venice,
Amsterdam, Montreal, New Orleans, Houston, Chicago,
Tucson, San
co, Portland, Eugene, Klamath Falls, Coos Bay, and Black Rock
City.  For a partial list of her teachers, click

Ev has been dancing all of her life.  She discovered Argentine Tango 12
years ago.  She says, "It completely changed my life, nothing is the same
now."  She starting teaching Argentine Tango 10 years ago, specializing in
beginners and sharing the basics of Tango.  She believes in the social aspect
of Tango and the connectedness it embodies.

She started teaching "Partner Dancing For Absolute Beginners" to attract
people who think they cannot dance.  This class has been hugely successful
in producing dancers who believe in themselves and have fun.  The class is
fun, safe, and gentle.  It works.

In Eugene, Ev started H
it and Run Tango.  Tango and other dance
dancers gather in a public place, turn on the music, and start
dancing.  One of her favorites, so far, is
Full Moon Tango -- dancing tango
on the foot bridge over the Willamette River during a full moon.  Ev
personal favorite is the frozen food aisle at the local market.
About Ev...