Why do we do this?
   Because we can and the weather will permit it.  Tango dancers dance anywhere and everywhere.  This is fun.

What do I wear?
  It can get breezy.  Bring a light jacket.  Dancing will usually keep you warmed up!

Can I just come & watch?
  Yes!  You don't have to know how to Tango to be on the bridge and watch the moon rise and the dancers.  It's a wonderful sight.

Will there be music?

Are there going to be bicylists on the bridge?
  Yes!  We will be considerate and move to the sides of the bridge to let the bicyles pass through the middle.  If you hear "incoming" or "bicycle" move immediately to the sides.

Do I need special shoes?
  No...however, remember concrete grabs your feet and will not allow you to pivot EASILY!  Even if you are wearing leather soled shoes.  So be aware of limiting your pivots (ochos, turns, boleos, etc...) and get creative with linear moments (rock steps, rocking turns, linear ochos, etc..)
How did this event get started?
   I use to live in Boston, MA.  The tango community there dances on one of the bridges over the Charles River.  Always wanted to do that.  I use to do public performances on the streets in Boston. Put it all together and you have Hit & Run Tango which lead to Full Moon Tango.  Just want to have fun and dance tango as often and in as many places as we can.
June Pictures
Full Moon Tango
Full Moon Tango
Come & Dance Over The River
July 18th       Free Event
9:00 - 10:00 pm
Where Is The Bridge?
  Behind the Valley River Center.  Parking right next to bridge.
July Pictures
Full Moon
Friday, July 18th
9:00 - 10:00 pm
Event only if weather permits
Call 343-7837 day of event

Wow...quite the evening on the bridge, here's some of the highlights that happened during the 60 minutes we were on the bridge last night...

1.  Woman taking her cat for a walk.
2.  Large fireworks downriver.
3.  Guy drinking beer (obviously not the first one) watching the dancers and asking, "Who was the guy in that movie Last Tango In Paris?"
4.  Warm wonderful strong breezes caressing our skin.
5.  Bicycles threading their way through the center of our dancing.
6.  Two Eugene Police cars with flashing lights crossing the bridge in pursuit of something. Somebody had called out "car!" instead of bike and we thought it was a joke.

Thanks to everyone who was there...it was fun.

MORE INFO:  tangoev@msn.com
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