"We would just like to say that after 24 1/2 years of
marriage this is one of most wonderful things we
have done together. We were a bit apprehensive
about coming but now that we are in the class, we
can hardly wait for the next. Thank you for your
encouraging style of teaching and making us feel
so comfortable and at ease....Look forward to
                                                        - Kelly & Kelly

"You're making this too much fun, I can't come up
with a good excuse not to come back."
                                                                - George

"I think it is a great environment for those of us with
little or no experience."
                                                                - Chris

"Thanks again for your splendid teaching and
enthusiasm and support and help and energy."
                                                                 - Jennifer

"This is it?  This is partner dancing?  It's easy!"
                                                               - Stephen

"Dancing is very intimidating for me, but I felt so
comfortable in your class I was able to overcome
some insecurities I had with dancing."
                                                                  - Susan

"Thanks so much for your wonderful teaching and
for your info."
                                                                  - Robert

"Thanks so much for your excellent leadership...I
am amazed at all we can do after just 8 short hours
of instruction!"
                                                                  - Laura